Portrait by Marcello Scopelliti

Portrait by Marcello Scopelliti

Selected Prizes
2014  Grant MIAP Foundation
2013  Longlist Dutch Doc Award
2005  Work selected for Hyères-Festival (FR)
2003  Work selected by AIGA, Art/Design/LA, group Show Los Angeles (US)

Selected Shows
2015  Soloshow Maersk Line / Dutch Photomuseum, Concrete Wilderness, Rotterdam
2014  Fotodok, The Power of Water, Utrecht, groupshow with Carl de Keyzer, Edward Burtynsky, Jan Rosseel, Elspeth Diederix
2013  Museum of Contemporary Art Erarta, St. Petersburg, groupshow with Rob Hornstra, Jacqueline Hassink, Henk Wildschut
2012  Soloshow Dutch Photomuseum, Lunar Landscapes, Rotterdam Groupshow Centraal Museum Utrecht, Objects in Mirror, The imagination of the American Landscape
2011  Groupshow Dutch Photomuseum, New Topographics, Rotterdam with Stephen Shore, Robert Adams, Bernd & Hilla Bercher, Hans Gremmen
2008 Dba256 Galerie, The American Lifescape, Los Angeles, groupshow with Taiyo Onorato and Nico Krebs

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Marie-José Jongerius is a photographer and researcher, based in Amsterdam. In her landscape pictures she looks for boundaries, limits and edges between nature and the manmade world. Where are the interfaces between the organic and the artificial world, and do they fail or succeed. Jongerius tells stories about mankind, not by making pictures of us, but pictures of the traces we leave behind us. She observes geography with an attentive eye for those singular details that make up our daily lives and asks the viewer to consider where we live and how we relate to our respective environments.

Her work is not only visual but is also the result of long periods of investigation to confront popular belief and clichés to reality. For the ‘Edges of the Experiment’ project (2015), Marie-José Jongerius studied the American landscape to show which elements contribute to this iconic territory and at what cost it can be maintained. She describes the thin line between nature and civilization. For ‘Sweet water’ (2001), she travelled through California and discovered the hotels along the state’s highways and their swimming pools. She focused on the pool itself and the behaviour of its inhabitants. In the end, when looking at the pictures, the feeling we have is of loneliness instead of the modern paradise California was supposed to be.

Marie-José Jongerius studied at The Royal Academy of Visual Arts, BA photography, The Hague. Jongerius has published 4 books: Sweetwater (2001), Lunar Landscapes (2012), Concrete Wilderness (2014), Edges of the Experiment (2015). Edges of the Experiment has been nominated for the Arles Book Award 2015, Finalist for a Dutch Design Award 2015 and on the shortlist for the Infinity Award in the category critical writing and research 2016.

Sweetwater, Lunar Landscapes and Edges of the Experiment are made possible by the generous support of The Mondriaan Foundation.